We have 9 Masters Degrees in French History


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Masters Degrees in French History

We have 9 Masters Degrees in French History

Masters degrees in French History offer advanced study of the origins of France the French nation in the Iron Age, and the proceeding events which have formed modern-day France. Related subjects postgraduate topics include broader fields such as European History as well as specialisms such as Enlightenment Culture and Philosophy or Francophone Language and Literature. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, such as History or Archaeology.

Why study a Masters in French History?

## As a part of mainland Europe and adjacent to the British Isles, the cultures which influence the History of France span not only a large period of time, but a large geographical area. As a result, courses in this field offer diverse insights into the country’s past. For example, you might be interested in tracing the country’s linguistic and cultural origins in the Celtic languages and culture. Alternatively, you may take on a political approach and examine later periods, such as the Hundred Years War beginning in 1337. Or, you may examine how The Revolution in France influenced the Enlightenment Period, which shifted philosophies from ideas of the sublime, towards rationality of thought. Traditional careers in this field include scholarly research and conservation, such as historical writing or archiving, as well as academia. Other careers may include roles in tourism, public services or even foreign policy.

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