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We have 3 Masters Degrees in Mantle & Core Processes




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Masters Degrees in Mantle & Core Processes

We have 3 Masters Degrees in Mantle & Core Processes

Masters degrees in Mantle & Core Processes are predominantly concerned with the processes within the Earth’s lithosphere, particularly the behaviour and composition of the mantle and core. Specialisations include Volcanology and Seismology. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Geology.

Why study a Masters in Mantle & Core Processes?

## Courses in Lithosphere Science are often interdisciplinary in approach, combining methodologies from disciplines such as Geodesy, Geology, Volcanology and Seismology. Topics include mantle dynamics, magmatic processes and mantle convection, as well as plate tectonics, crustal deformation and uplift. Other training may include metamorphism and basin evolution, and their impacts on marine dynamics and other ecosystems. For example, you might explore how an understanding of the interface between the mantle and the Earth’s crust enables the prediction of tectonic plate shifts, and their effects. Even further, you may specialise in assessing the causes of natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, and how to minimalise their negative impacts on society. Careers in this field range from minerals excavation and offshore engineering, through to disaster management and humanitarian aid. A Masters in this field is also an ideal step towards further research at PhD.

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