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We have 25 Masters Degrees in Hydrogeology




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Masters Degrees in Hydrogeology

We have 25 Masters Degrees in Hydrogeology

Masters degrees in Hydrogeology offer advanced study of study of the physical, chemical and biological processes which occur at the interface between rock and water at or below the Earth's surface. Related postgraduate specialisms include Water Engineering, and Applied Geotechnics. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Geology or Marine Ecology.

Why study a Masters in Hydrogeology?

## Courses in Hydrogeology and Geohydrology explore the nature, occurrence, characterisation and management of groundwater resources. This includes investigations of the chemical, physical, biological processes and properties within aquifers (geological formations containing or conducting ground water), and ocean systems. Training typically includes bathymetric techniques such as benthic zone analysis to visualise ocean topography. Other training also includes quantitative methods to measure pressure gradients, rock porosity and hydraulic conductivity of different water sources. Expertise in this field is necessary for a range of industrial applications, including fish farming, resources exploitation such as wind and wave farms, and mining for products such as fuel and minerals. Other careers may include environmental monitoring and pollutant reduction, coastal marine management, or roles in insurance and utilities corporations.

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