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We have 41 Masters Degrees in Geophysics




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Masters Degrees in Geophysics

We have 41 Masters Degrees in Geophysics

Masters degrees in Geophysics offer advanced study of the physical structure and dynamics of the Earth using quantitative methods. Related subjects include Exploration Geophysics, and Petroleum Geophysics. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Geography, Geology or Environmental Science.

Why study a Masters in Geophysics?

## Courses in Physical Geology offer a broad understanding of Earth’s shape, composition and surface expressions. From gravitational and magnetic fields, through to plate tectonics and rock formation, you can explore a range of physical, chemical, biological and biochemical processes on Earth. It is possible on some courses to specialise in areas such as Meteorology, Volcanology and Hydrogeology. Within these you might explore topics such as the generation of magmas, the movement of glaciers and the impact of extra-terrestrial objects colliding with the Earth’s surface. Geophysics has a range of industrial and humanitarian applications, including the excavation of minerals and resources such as fuel, environmental and archaeological assessment, engineering and site investigation. Careers are therefore highly varied, and may include regulation and policy-making across areas such as the environment, sustainable development and urban planning.

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