We have 30 Masters Degrees in Applied Geology




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Masters Degrees in Applied Geology

We have 30 Masters Degrees in Applied Geology

Masters degrees in Applied Geology equip postgraduates with the skills to apply Geological theory and practise to social and commercial needs, such as manufacturing and resource engineering. Related postgraduate specialisms include Applied Environmental Geology and Applied Geosciences. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Geology or Engineering.

Why study a Masters in Applied Geology?

## From land use and urban planning, to understanding the human impact on the environment over periods of time, Applied Geology helps us to understand our past to improve the present. Training is highly varied, and courses may offer you the opportunity to specialise in certain areas. For example, you may focus on gaining insights into past climate change, and solutions to current environmental problems. On the other hand you might examine plate tectonics, rock formation and deformation in order to improve urban planning strategies or understand natural hazards and disasters. Practical training may include fieldwork such as geological mapping techniques including GIS (geographical information systems), and lab work such as petrology to examine rocks and drill cores. Careers may include water resource management, renewable energy, environmental assessment and conservation, or public policy and legislation.

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