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We have 8 Masters Degrees in Volcanology




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Masters Degrees in Volcanology

We have 8 Masters Degrees in Volcanology

Masters degrees in Volcanology offer advanced study of the formation, properties and processes of ancient and modern volcanoes. This may include an analysis of both sub-surface and surficial behaviour. Related subjects include Seismology & Tectonics, and Mantle & Core Processes. Entry requirements usually include an undergraduate degree in a suitable subject, such as Geology, Geography or Disaster Management.

Why study a Masters in Volcanology?

## There are several areas of Volcanology which you may specialise in depending on your career aims. For example, you might examine how types of volcano (such as shield, dome and composite forms) are linked to their geographic location. Alternatively, you may analyse the ‘vulcanicity’ (also spelledor ‘volcanicity’ (, meaning volcanic power), lava viscosity and geological hazards associated with one of these forms specificallyvarieties. Generally, across all specialisations you will explore the properties of volcanoes, including their lava, magma, and related geological, geophysical and geochemical phenomena. You will also examine the location, history and structure of volcanoes, their emissions and deposits, and their impacts on the geological record. Careers are highly varied, but may include disaster management and risk mitigation on behalf of humanitarian aid organisations or environmental agencies. Other roles could include environmental monitoring and assessment, legislation and public policy.

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