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We have 8 Masters Degrees in Plant Pathology


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Masters Degrees in Plant Pathology

We have 8 Masters Degrees in Plant Pathology

Masters degrees in Plant Pathology provide advanced training in the biology, ecology, and epidemiology of pathogens. They include the molecular study of plant-insect and crop-weed relationships, providing practical experience in the development of disease-resistant plants and strategies for integrated pest management. Many programmes are laboratory-based, with opportunities to carry out original research as well as mastering current scientific theory and practice. Popular specialisms and related subjects include Parasitology, Pest Management, Molecular Plant Science and branches of Agronomy.

Why study a Masters in Plant Pathology?

## You will receive practical training in the application of genomics and genetic modification, and practices for developing new technologies for integrated plant health management which improve molecular detection of pathogens. If you would like to work towards roles within agriculture, you may focus your studies on the management of pre- and post-harvest disease in crops, with the overarching aim of learning to manage waste in the production and distribution of crops for food and other purposes. Your experience will also make you suitable for conservation and wildlife management, and consultancy or research positions within government agencies, charities, or NGOs. Your Masters would also provide suitable preparation for further study at PhD.

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