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Masters Degrees in Plant Cell Science

We have 10 Masters Degrees in Plant Cell Science

Masters degrees in Plant Cell Science are concerned with the cellular organisation and functions in plants, particularly at the molecular level. Study in this area is designed to improve understanding of plant genetics, disease and ecology, with potential impacts on areas as diverse as horticultural practice, human nutrition and medical science. Specialisms and related subjects include Microbial Biology, Plant Science and branches of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Entry requirements usually include an undergraduate degree in Biology or another science.

Why study a Masters in Plant Cell Science?

## Plant Cell Scientists have many different job roles, as their work is used in a variety of areas. Typically, work could include taxonomy (identifying and classifying), recording and monitoring plant species, as well as understanding their growth and how to improve it, or studying the effects of the environment on plant life. You will receive practical training in methods of DNA recombination and repair mechanisms, cell imaging, experimental growing, pest control and lab testing. This experience will be further developed through research projects and academic writing. Your experience would make you suitable for roles in horticulture, either as a horticultural scientist or manager of botanical gardens. You may branch into conservation, working for environmental organisations, forestry services and specialised agencies. Design and production positons in the agricultural, medical, biotechnological, and pharmaceutical industries are also possible.

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