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We have 14 Masters Degrees in Botanical biotechnology


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Masters Degrees in Botanical biotechnology

We have 14 Masters Degrees in Botanical biotechnology

Masters degrees in Botanical Biotechnology administer training in the molecular scrutiny of plants and their outputs for use in various industries including agriculture, medicine and pharmacology. Related specialisms and subjects include Ethnobotany, Plant Taxonomy and Plant Genetics. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, such as Plant Science, Biology, or Chemistry.

Why study a Masters in Botanical Biotechnology?

## You can structure your Masters degree to suit your career needs. For example, if you have an interest in conservation and wildlife, or would like to work internationally, you may wish to focus on tropical plant species. For a career in agriculture, you may focus on plant breeding and transgenic (genetically modified) organisms for roles in crop production or food chain management. The general knowledge and practical training that you will acquire - such as structural biology, cell imaging, lab testing, and experimental growing – would also make you suitable for other careers. These include: consultancy positions in government agencies; officiating roles within NGOs, charities and international organisations; research roles, for which you may wish to pursue a PhD after your Masters.

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