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We have 93 Masters Degrees in Engineering Materials


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Masters Degrees in Engineering Materials

We have 93 Masters Degrees in Engineering Materials

Masters degrees in Engineering Materials equip students with the skills to produce, process, develop and store materials for various engineering purposes. Related postgraduate specialisms include Advanced Engineering Materials and Materials Research. Entry requirements normally involve an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Materials Science or Chemical Engineering.

Why study a Masters in Engineering Materials?

## Materials Engineering is a diverse field, exploring the relationship between the composition of various materials (such as their molecular structure), and their macroscopic properties (such as density, colour, and texture). Due to the breadth of materials available for investigation, study opportunities are also broad and often interdisciplinary in nature, combining methodologies from fields like Chemistry, Physics, and Civil Engineering. For example, you might focus on issues within forensic engineering and failure analysis of architectural materials, automotive vehicles, machinery and more. Or, you might study ways to develop processing techniques such as casting, welding or glassblowing for better results. Careers in this field include roles in a wide range of industries. For example, you may be involved in the implementation, design and production of new materials for various uses, from food packaging, to vehicles and even architecture.

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