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Masters Degrees in Polymers

We have 49 Masters Degrees in Polymers

Masters degrees in Polymers equip postgraduates with the skills to study, extract, and process both naturally-occurring and man-made molecular compounds for a range of domestic and industrial proposes. Related postgraduate socialisms include Polymer and Biopolymer Science, Advanced Materials and Polymer Chemistry. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree such as Materials Science, Chemical Engineering or Textiles.

Why study a Masters in Polymers?

## Polymers are a huge part of our day-to-day lives, and essential for many of the products and services we use. Courses in Polymer Technology offer the opportunity to examine a broad range of polymers, their uses, and the processes for their extraction and development. For example, you may undertake practical training such as laboratory work to assess the biological or chemical makeup of polymers. Alternatively, workshops might be provided on the means to process polymers for different uses, such as the production of silicone for cosmetic implants, or their uses in products such as homeware, paints and adhesives. Careers in this field are highly varied due to the broad applications for polymers. You might wish to specialise in the production of consumer products such as toys and clothing. Or, you may branch into industries such as architecture, designing products like windows, skylights and insulation for different buildings.

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