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We have 2 Masters Degrees in Paper Technology


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Masters Degrees in Paper Technology

We have 2 Masters Degrees in Paper Technology

Masters degrees in Paper Technology equip postgraduates with the skills to process, produce and store paper and paper-based products. Related subjects include Paper Science and Textile Technology. Entry requirements usually include an appropriate undergraduate degree, such as Materials Science, Design Technology, or Textiles.

Why study a Masters in Paper Technology?

## Papermaking is a centuries-old practice, the techniques for which have developed rapidly, particularly after the printmaking and industrial revolutions. Courses in Papermaking are therefore likely to include both traditional and advanced methodologies to increase your practical skills and theoretical understanding. This might include workshops on techniques such as manual papermaking and industrial papermaking, as well as lab work to test the chemical and biological properties of papers. You may also explore the many uses for paper and paper products, from printing and writing paper, through to food and product packaging. Careers are highly varied, with many plants/factories in the papermaking industry specialising in one step of the process. For example, you might specialise in tree farming, work in a factory which deals with the pulping of wood, or oversee the production line of a factory which manages the whole process from pulp to product.

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