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Masters Degrees in Textiles

We have 42 Masters Degrees in Textiles

Masters degrees in Textiles equip postgraduates with the skills to develop and produce both naturally-occurring and synthetic fibres, to generate yarn or thread for making materials. Related subjects include Contemporary Textiles, Printed Textiles, and Textile Technology. Entry requirements typically include an undergraduate degree in a relevant field, such as Materials Science, Design Technology, or Art and Design.

Why study a Masters in Textiles?

## Textile production is essential for a variety of the products we use and consume, from clothing and furniture to medical dressings and even implants. As such, there are a broad range of textiles which you might investigate on these courses, including areas you may wish to specialise in further. For example, you might want to focus on the processing and production of plant textiles such as hemp for the creation of rope or apparel, or perhaps coconut fibres to create twine, doormats and sacking. Alternatively, you may specialise in synthetic textiles, particularly techniques such as weaving, knitting and crocheting for clothing items. Careers in this field may range from frontline development of natural and synthetic textiles in production factories, or the design of products on behalf of retail companies.

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