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We have 14 Masters Degrees in Petrochemical Technology


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Masters Degrees in Petrochemical Technology

We have 14 Masters Degrees in Petrochemical Technology

Masters degrees in Petrochemical Technology equip postgraduates with the skills to extract, process and distribute petrochemicals for domestic and industrial purposes, predominantly fuel production. Related postgraduate specialisms include Petroleum and Environmental Technology, Petroleum Production Engineering and Petroleum Refining Systems Engineering. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Chemical Engineering, Geological Engineering or Environmental Science.

Why study a Masters in Petrochemical Technology?

## Petrochemicals are sourced from a range of natural chemical products, including petroleum, coal and natural gasses, as well as renewable sources such as corn and sugar cane. Courses in this field therefore offer a broad range of technological methods for you to explore with regards to extraction and distribution. Training may include practical activities such as fieldwork, workshops and lab testing to develop your vocational skills in excavation and your critical understanding of processing techniques. Methodologies from fields such as Economics and Business Studies may also be included, which you may use to examine issues such as facilities management, production operations and asset management. Careers in this field may include roles in fuel production including renewable energy, as well as utilities management, petroleum transport logistics and policy-making for regulatory authorities.

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