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We have 36 Masters Degrees in Celtic Studies


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Masters Degrees in Celtic Studies

We have 36 Masters Degrees in Celtic Studies

Masters degrees in Celtic Studies explore the culture, languages and history of the Celtic nations and regions. The most commonly studied of these are Scotland, Wales and Ireland, although places like Cornwall and Brittany have their own proud Celtic heritage. Other postgraduate specialisms in this field include Archaeology, Gaelic Studies and Viking Studies, along with courses dedicated to specific Celtic nations, for example Scottish Studies and Welsh Studies.

Why study a Masters in Celtic Studies?

## These Masters usually take an interdisciplinary approach, combining elements of linguistics, literature and history to give students a fascinating insight into the Celtic cultures. If you’re fluent in one of the Celtic languages – Welsh or Gaelic, for example – some institutions even allow you to complete the programme in that language. You might also have the chance to study medieval Celtic languages. Afterwards you could find employment in the tourism and heritage industries, using your knowledge of the Celtic world to help preserve endangered cultures. Alternatively, your critical and linguistic skills will be valued in professions such as journalism, publishing and teaching. Finally, a Masters is an ideal springboard to a career in academia and further research in Celtic Studies.

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