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We have 417 Masters Degrees in Linguistics & Classics


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Masters Degrees in Linguistics & Classics

We have 417 Masters Degrees in Linguistics & Classics

Masters degrees in Linguistics & Classics study the workings of modern and ancient languages. They develop a scientific understanding of linguistic theory as well as an appreciation for the relationships between language and culture.

Though associated with the humanities, these programmes are often quite scientific. They trace the evolution of languages and linguistic groups over time, examining their operation through grammar and vocabulary and considering the psychological significance of language use.

Note that degrees in this discipline are focussed on languages, rather than more general topics in history, literature and culture. There is some overlap, but students looking to study a Masters in subjects such as Ancient Greek or Roman history should search instead within History & Archaeology.

Why study a Masters in Linguistics & Classics?

Postgraduate training in Linguistics & Classics can support work in several associated professions. Depending on the focus of your degree you will be well equipped for work as a translator, proof-reader or even a speech therapist.

Educational and academic career paths with these qualifications are also diverse. The field overlaps with various other disciplines and is of great importance in early years teaching and foreign language training.

Finally, many of the skills you develop during your degree will be of use more generally, including the ability to analyse complex language systems, conduct effective research and evaluate data both qualitatively and quantitatively.

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