We have 43 Masters Degrees in Ancient Languages


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Masters Degrees in Ancient Languages

We have 43 Masters Degrees in Ancient Languages

Masters degrees in Ancient Languages involve advanced study of the origins, development and uses of both extinct and living historical languages, and their relation to modern languages. Related postgraduate specialisms include Classics, Ancient History, and Palaeoanthropology. Entry requirements typically include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Archaeology, Anthropology or History.

Why study a Masters in Ancient Languages?

## Studies in Ancient Languages may cover a huge geographical area and time span. As such, courses in this field are extremely diverse, and offer a broad range of specialisations for you to choose from. For example, you might wish to focus specifically on the Indo-European Languages, and how they were the basis for Romance languages such as Italian and French, and the Germanic languages such as English and German. You might wish to explore the ancient literary traditions of Near Eastern languages, from engraving, to manuscripts and even oral traditions. You could also explore the religious significance of certain languages, such as the role of Latin in the spread of Christianity. Careers in this field may include roles in heritage management such as archiving or curating on behalf of museums and heritage sites. You might also branch into academia and publishing, or journalism.

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