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We have 54 Masters Degrees in Classical Greek


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Masters Degrees in Classical Greek

We have 54 Masters Degrees in Classical Greek

Masters degrees in Classical Greek explore the origins, development and historical usage of Ancient Greek and related languages. Related postgraduate specialisms include Ancient History and Classical Culture. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree, such as Anthropology, History, or Classics.

Why study a Masters in Classical Greek?

## As one of the earliest written languages and the basis of later linguistic groups, Classical Greek holds an important place in the history of Western culture. There are many areas which you may opt to research for your final thesis. For example, you might examine its role in the spread of Christianity with the writing of the New Testament in Koiné Greek. Or, you might analyse its importance in the Western literary canon within texts such as the Iliad and Odyssey. As the language of many historical figures including Homer and Aristotle, you might even examine how Ancient Greek was crucial in the philosophical development of fields such as science, technology, the arts and history. Careers in this field are highly varied, and may include traditional roles such as academia and publishing, journalism, or literary translation. You might also branch into roles within heritage management, public relations, or foreign policy.

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