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We have 26 Masters Degrees in United States Literature


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Masters Degrees in United States Literature

We have 26 Masters Degrees in United States Literature

Masters degrees in United States Literature include advanced study of the literary traditions, movements and writers which have originated from, or have been influenced by, the United States of America. Related postgraduate specialisms include American Literatures, American Studies, and United States Society & Culture. Entry requirements usually include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Languages and Literature or Cultural Studies.

Why study a Masters in United States Literature?

## American Literature encompasses not only literature produced since the USA was formed, but also writers and movements from the colonies that later became the United States. US Literature therefore draws on many influences from other European literary traditions, particularly those of Britain and Ireland. You may specialise in a wide range of Post-Colonial, African-American, and creole literary traditions which have centred around important social and political movements. For example, the abolition of slavery and later civil rights issues led to wide-spread literary criticism from American and non-American writers alike, while the end of the first World War saw a surge in contemporary movements such as surrealism. Traditional careers in this field include academia and publishing, journalism and digital media, and roles in heritage institutions such as museums. You might also explore work on behalf of private organisations in industries such as leisure and tourism.

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