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We have 20 Masters Degrees in Calligraphy


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Masters Degrees in Calligraphy

We have 20 Masters Degrees in Calligraphy

Masters degrees in Calligraphy train postgraduates in the artistic production of written text. Taught MA courses are typical for the field, though research oriented MRes and MPhil programmes may be available at some institutions. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, such as Art or Design.

Why study a Masters in Calligraphy?

## Courses in this field explore both the technical skills for producing written text, as well as the historical and sociocultural influences which have impacted practices in Calligraphy. Training will include and exploration of classical and contemporary techniques, and use of instruments for varying artistic effect, from brushes to pens and even unconventional writing materials. You will be encouraged to experiment with methods from across the globe, building your knowledge of Calligraphy as a universal practise across varying cultures. You may opt to focus your studies on a specific form of Calligraphy, such as Chinese inscription or Roman religious art. As a visual art, Calligraphy is applicable to a range of careers. Your skills may be used in many forms of printed and digital media as part of aesthetic content, from books and magazines to websites and applications.

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