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We have 51 Masters Degrees in Sculpture


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Masters Degrees in Sculpture

We have 51 Masters Degrees in Sculpture

Masters degrees in Sculpture equip postgraduates with the skills to represents both realistic and abstract objects through three-dimensional such as clay, stone, wood and metal. Taught MA degrees are typical for this subject, though research oriented MRes and MPhil programmes may also be available at some institutions. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Art, Ceramic or Design Technology.

Why study a Masters in Sculpture?

## Depending on your interests, these courses may be more practise-based or more theoretically focussed. For example, you may wish to train as an independent practitioner, learning different sculpting techniques to build your own professional acumen. On the other hand, you may wish to explore Sculpture in the context of art history, examining the sociocultural development or sculpturing practise throughout different periods across the globe. Sculpture as a social or therapeutic practise is also becoming increasingly popular. From arts therapy to community-based projects, Sculpture can be used as a means to bring communities together and help individuals explore new hobbies. Careers may include producing independent pieces of work for art exhibitions, establishing an artists’ guild for large installations, or working to improve public spaces.

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