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We have 55 Masters Degrees in Printmaking


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Masters Degrees in Printmaking

We have 55 Masters Degrees in Printmaking

Masters degrees in Printmaking train postgraduates in the art of rendering images onto surfaces such as paper or fabric, using materials such as ink or dye. Taught MA and MFA courses are typical for the field, though MSc courses with a more technological focus are also available at some institutions. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Art or Design.

Why study a Masters in Printmaking?

## Though most commonly associated with materials such as leaflets or booklets, Printmaking can be seen across a range of industries. From fashion and apparel, to wallpaper and even flooring, techniques used in Printmaking are highly transferrable. You will explore a variety of artistic and technological techniques, from traditional printmaking to laser cutting and digital design. Other techniques include enamelling, electronics, wood engraving and lithography. Scrutiny of artistic movements such as Andy Warhol’s pop culture or the fauvist work of Henry Matisse are key to your own artistic development. As well as a traditional career as an independent practitioner, your skills might also lead to children’s book illustration, graphic novel design, or even interior design and large-scale installation.

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