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Masters Degrees in Painting

We have 67 Masters Degrees in Painting

Masters degrees in Painting equip postgraduates with the skills to engage with and utilise a variety of painting techniques for the production of different forms of art and other products. Taught MA and MFA degrees are relevant for the field. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Art or Design.

Why study a Masters in Painting?

## Masters degrees in Panting aren’t simply about painting canvases of people or natural landscapes (though of course, they can be if you want them to). These courses also explore many modern approaches to painting, particularly with regards to technological advancements, and contemporary applications for painting. For example, through a combination of disciplines such as nanotechnology and art, career could lead to developing painting techniques for products like cars and other vehicles. Of course, if traditional painting is more your style, these courses can train you to become an independent art practitioner. You will experiment with both traditional and modern techniques for painting, examining historical periods such as the Renaissance, and scrutinising artistic movements such as fauvism. From this, you may advance to join an artists’ guild, look to conserve historic paintings, or even branch into interior design.

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