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We have 25 Masters Degrees in Forestry & Arboriculture




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Masters Degrees in Forestry & Arboriculture

We have 25 Masters Degrees in Forestry & Arboriculture

Masters degrees in Forestry & Arboriculture cover a range of specialisms, including Agroforestry, Forest Conservation and Woodland Management. These courses administer training in the planting of and caring for trees, through the management of woods, forests, and parks. You will explore maintenance systems in the contexts of conservation, commercial, and recreational use.

What can you do with a Masters in Forestry & Arboriculture?

## Forestry & Arboriculture deals with much more than simply planting trees - degrees in this area are actually very versatile. Management systems for forests and woods hold implications for ecosystems, biodiversity, climate change, and animal welfare. Specialisations include the role of urban forestry in society, and the sustainability and conservation of nature and wildlife. You will gain excellent transferrable skills such as systems modelling, data analysis, means testing, and substantial vocational experience. Possible careers include positions in governing bodies, charities, and research institutes dealing with issues such as agriculture and public policy. You could also undertake positions in consultancy for conservation services and environmental assessment agencies, as well as commercial production and distribution roles. Alternatively, degrees in Forest Science and Arboriculture also provide excellent groundwork for a PhD.

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