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We have 77 Masters Degrees in Actuarial Science




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Masters Degrees in Actuarial Science

We have 77 Masters Degrees in Actuarial Science

Masters degrees in Actuarial Science equip postgraduates with the skills to apply statistical concepts to practices within the financial industry, including the analysis of monetary transactions and processes. Related subjects include Financial Management. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Accounting or Finance.

Why study a Masters in Actuarial Science?

## Actuaries evaluate and manage financial risk, and help businesses and institutions to evaluate the long-term financial implications of the decisions they make. Courses in this field can therefore provide training towards a dynamic career, through a combination of techniques such as statistics, financial mathematics, economics, and business finance. This training typically involves engagement with concepts such as market analysis and financial forecasting, as well as practical data analytics for purposes such as risk modelling and contingency planning. You may also be trained in current professional practise through activities such as financial reporting. Specialisations are available on most courses, which allow you to prepare for a specific career. For example, you might focus specially on pensions and benefits, or annuities such as savings or inheritance. Other careers include roles in insurance, healthcare, banking, and investment.

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