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We have 30 Masters Degrees in History of Science


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Masters Degrees in History of Science

We have 30 Masters Degrees in History of Science

Masters degrees in History of Science examine the historical development of the sciences in their economic and cultural context. They include an analysis of the influence of non-scientific factors in their formation, and the impact of science on society. Related subjects include Intellectual History and Social History. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as History, Philosophy or Cultural Studies.

Why study a Masters in History of Science?

## Compared to the modern day, technological advancements which we are used to seeing in current scientific practices, archaic science had origins which were routed in religious beliefs, and caused much social controversy. As a result, the topics within this field for research are highly diverse. For example, you might investigate the origin of science as a natural philosophy throughout Classical Antiquity, or the scientific methods which developed throughout the Middle Ages. You might even approach Science History on more modern terms, particularly the scientific revolution of 16th and 17th century Europe, and its impact on intellectual, cultural, economic and political institutions within society. Careers may include roles in academia such as teaching and publishing, as well as roles in the media such as journalism and broadcasting.

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