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We have 27 Masters Degrees in African History


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Masters Degrees in African History

We have 27 Masters Degrees in African History

Masters degrees in African History explore the peoples, civilisations and cultures of the African continent from ancient times through to the Modern period. These courses often encompass key topics and periods such as pre-colonial and colonial developments, followed by the rise of independence movements and the growth of separate African nations. Related subjects include African Literature as well as branches of Ancient History and World History. Specialist postgraduate topics include Imperial History and Post-Colonial Studies.

Why study a Masters in African History?

## The African continent is commonly regarded as the region in which humans first emerged and has a rich history as the site of some of the earliest and most important civilisations – including the Ancient Egyptian, Carthaginian and Babylonian Empires. Recent centuries have seen turbulent periods of colonisation, slavery and struggles for independence, followed by the emergence of proud nation states with a rich heritage and an important place in world politics and economics. As such, it’s no surprise that African Studies is a rich area for postgraduate work. You might focus on one or more of the broader topics above, or explore the history of specific nations, peoples and cultural or social movements. Careers with a Masters in African History and Culture are suitably diverse. Obvious opportunities include work in international relations, heritage studies or politics, but many more pathways are available.

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