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We have 115 Masters Degrees in Ancient History


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Masters Degrees in Ancient History

We have 115 Masters Degrees in Ancient History

Masters degrees in Ancient History encompass a breadth of critical and theoretical approaches to understanding the period 900 BC to 500 AD. They encompass the beginning of recorded human history through to the Post-Classical Era. Entry requirements for these degrees normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree, such as History, Anthropology or Archaeology.

Why study a Masters in Ancient History?

## Masters degrees in Classical and Ancient History offer an interdisciplinary approach to learning, combining theory from fields such as Anthropology and Archaeology as well as Literary and Philosophical ideas to examine the Archaic and Classical periods. You may specialise in a range of eras within these periods including the Bronze Age and Iron Age, through to Classical Antiquity. Or, you might examine prominent civilisations of the time such as the Ancient Greek city states or the Persian, Mycenaean and Roman Empires. Popular topics include an examination of politics, philosophy, and education, which are usually investigated through sources such as sculpture, literature, theatre, and architecture. Careers in this field may include roles in heritage institutions such as museums, archives or historical landmarks. They may also include journalism and foreign correspondence, or even legislation and foreign policy. If academia is your preferred career, a Masters is an ideal step towards further research at PhD.

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