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We have 2,651 Masters Degrees in Management Studies


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Masters Degrees in Management Studies

We have 2,651 Masters Degrees in Management Studies

Masters degrees in Management Studies offer postgraduate training in the core principles of leadership, development and organisation for corporate, commercial and other organisations. Courses range from taught MA and MSc degrees, to research oriented MRes and MPhil programmes. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Business Studies.

Why study a Masters in Management Studies?

## Predominantly, you will analyse various management models across multiple industries in the public and private sectors. In understanding and reflecting on their successes and efficiency, you will incorporate different techniques into your own professional development. Training is provided across the different components of an organisation, including product development and trade, marketing, economics and internationalisation. Sustainability, ethics and law are also examined, particularly in relation to innovation and technology. Entrepreneurship is a major constituent of these courses, and you will develop your interpersonal skills through techniques such as decision analysis and strategic management. A Masters in this field will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and skills to undertake effective management within any organisation. Careers may include undertaking executive positions within SMEs and large NGOs (non-government organisations), roles in human resources management (HR), and even public relations (PR).

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