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We have 18 Masters Degrees in Historical Geography




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Masters Degrees in Historical Geography

We have 18 Masters Degrees in Historical Geography

Masters degree in Historical Geography offer advanced study of the ways in which geographic phenomena have changed over time, and their influence on populations and the environment. Related subjects include Cultural Geography and Human Demography. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Human Geography.

Why study a Masters in Historical Geography?

## Courses in this area of Human Geography offer an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the historical and continuing evolution of topographical, topological and social developments across the globe. This includes a combination of theory and methodology from disciplines such as Anthropology, History, Ecology and Geology. You will be encouraged to determine how cultural features of various societies emerged and evolved, by understanding their interaction with the environment and local surroundings. For example, this could include seeking to understand migration patterns over periods of time, or the ways in which humans have sought food in different geographical areas. This understanding is usually developed through an examination of critical theory, historical data, geographical systems and primary sources such as maps. Careers in this field range from cartography and urban planning, through to GIS (geographic information systems) specialisation for environmental agencies and regulatory bodies.

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