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We have 52 Masters Degrees in Human Demography




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Masters Degrees in Human Demography

We have 52 Masters Degrees in Human Demography

Masters degrees in Human Demography equip postgraduates to apply statistical techniques to measure changes in the human population over time, across different geographical areas. Related topics and specialisms include Human Geography, Spatial Sciences and Population Studies. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Human Geography.

Why study a Masters in Human Demography?

## Courses in Human Geography equip you with the skills to measure the size, structure, distribution and demographics of human populations across the globe. This includes analysis of spatial and temporal changes, and issues such as migration and immigration. Practical training includes practices such as GIS (geographical information systems) production, and data modelling on local, regional, national and international scales. These models and systems help to determine generic information such as birth and death rates, the average age of a population, employment, ethnic origins and minorities and even religious affinity. However, this information can also help to tackle modern issues, such as how economic change can impact living and working conditions, social inequalities and social cohesion. Careers predominantly include roles in local government departments or for various regulatory bodies and agencies, to determine demand for public services such as housing or transport.

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