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We have 603 Masters Degrees in Geography




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Masters Degrees in Geography

We have 603 Masters Degrees in Geography

Masters degrees in Geography investigate the physical conditions and environments that shape human experiences and civilisations as well as the political and economic processes that re-shape those environments in turn.

Programmes are available in a diverse selection of specific topics, straddling aspects of the humanities, sciences and social sciences. Individual courses are highly diverse, with the opportunity to pursue a specific Masters in Human Geography, Economic Geography or Physical Geography.

Taught MSc and MA courses are offered, as are research programmes and even a few highly specialised MBAs.

Why study a Masters Degree in Geography?

Despite its dusty stereotypes, Geography is actually one of the most versatile academic disciplines available.

You could pursue a fulfilling career in education and research, but postgraduate courses in this area can also help prepare you for work in politics, agricultural policy or international relations - any field in which a sophisticated understanding and appreciation of the relationship between human populations and their environment is valuable.

Specialist Geography subjects such as Cartography or Topography also have their own professional applications in exciting fields such as mapmaking or exploration.

A Geography Masters will also equip you with a range of transferrable skills, including the ability to undertake qualitative and quantitative analysis and to approach complex problems both sensitively and strategically.

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