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Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI)

Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI)

Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) is a large, new and future-facing part of the University of Edinburgh. We give students the chance to explore different and ambitious ways of thinking, collaborating, learning and working.

Rather than being a discipline-based School, our cross-sector, interdisciplinary approach draws together the very best of the University of Edinburgh to enable students to learn and connect across many fields and areas of expertise.

Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI)

We are collaborating with industry, government and communities to build project-led, flexible and innovative degree programmes linked to leading research and enquiry from across disciplines.

We are opening up education in new ways with innovative, flexible approaches to study. Across the portfolio, you can choose to study online or on-campus, focus your work on addressing issues you care about, and study full-time, part-time or on a lifelong learning basis.