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Masters Degrees in Environmental Geography

We have 215 Masters Degrees in Environmental Geography




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We have 215 Masters Degrees in Environmental Geography

Masters degrees in Environmental Geography offer advanced study of the relation between natural and human environments.

Related subjects include Agricultural Geography and Urban Geography. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Environmental Science or Geography.

Why study a Masters in Environmental Geography?

Courses in Environmental and Integrated Geography equip you with the skills to understand how human processes affect environmental impact, change and adaptation. From land use to water resources, renewable energy production to conservation, the practices society undertakes day-to-day have a large influence on the natural environment.

Training will equip you with an understanding of environmental dynamics, including the processes which implement climate change, as well as the ways in which industries may be developed to operate sustainably. Practical training may include methods in environmental modelling and monitoring, such as GIS (geographic information systems).

Depending on your interests, you may specialise your studies towards careers in ecology and ecosystem biology, environmental management, or sustainable development. Other careers may include roles in the environmental service industry, regulating bodies or academia and publishing.

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