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We have 10 Masters Degrees in Topography




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Masters Degrees in Topography

We have 10 Masters Degrees in Topography

Masters degrees in Topography equip postgraduates with the skills to map, survey and model surface features of the Earth. Related subjects include Cartography and Geographic Information Systems. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Geography, Geology or Environmental Science.

Why study a Masters in Topography?

## Courses in Topography and Geographical Mapping are often interdisciplinary in nature, combining methods from disciplines such as Physical Geography, Geology, Environmental Science and sometimes Anthropology. Training build your understanding of the natural and artificial features which have formed on the Earth’s surface, over certain geographical areas and across periods of time. For example, you might analyse how tectonic shifts affect processes such as glacial movements and the growth of mountain ranges. Or, you might explore how mining has impacted rural and urbanised areas in the industrial ages. Practical training typically includes geovisualisation methods such as cartography to represent terrain through contour lines, hypsometric tints, and relief shading. It may also include field training in remote sensing and GIS (geographic information systems) processes. Careers may include roles in industries such as urban planning, environmental conservation, or even military and intelligence services.

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