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We have 12 Masters Degrees in Evolutionary Psychology




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Masters Degrees in Evolutionary Psychology

We have 12 Masters Degrees in Evolutionary Psychology

Masters degrees in Evolutionary Psychology examine the relationship between evolutionary theory and psychology, attempting to determine the ways in which biological evolution explains the psychological processes of the human mind. Related subjects include Comparative Psychology and Evolution & Human Behaviour. Entry requirements typically include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Anthropology, Social Science or Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Evolutionary Psychology?

## Evolutionary psychologists argue that the human mind, like the human body, is a product of evolutionary processes. Courses in this field encourage you to explore theory and methodologies within evolutionary studies, looking at how these can be used to understand human psychology and behaviour. You’ll likely explore the parallels between human and animal behaviours, perhaps examining how the ‘fight or flight’ model applies to both humans and animals in many circumstances. This could include using concepts from Behavioural Ecology and Cognitive Neuroscience to understand how humans and animals respond to their environment in social or isolated contexts. Careers in this field are wide-ranging, with viable routes including further research either at PhD level or on behalf of government agencies and NGOs. You could apply your expertise in conservation, human welfare and animal welfare, to name a few examples.

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