We have 27 Masters Degrees in Quantity Surveying


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Masters Degrees in Quantity Surveying

We have 27 Masters Degrees in Quantity Surveying

Masters degrees in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management provide advanced postgraduate training in the financial management of project design and construction, for clients and contractors. They are highly specialised and sought-after qualifications that prepares graduates for a range of financial management roles in the construction industry. The programmes are designed to develop advanced skills and knowledge in project management, cost estimation, cost control, procurement, and information technology, all of which are crucial to ensure the successful delivery of construction projects within budget and on time. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject. Appropriate work experience may also be accepted.

Why study a Masters in Quantity Surveying?

## Quantity surveyors are responsible for the supervision of all financial aspects of a given project, from initial estimates, to ongoing cost analysis, right through to the final acquisition of materials and labour. It is to this end that you will receive training in the practice of procurement, construction contracts, cost management, and information technology such as creating a sufficient BIM (Business Information Model). You will also explore the wider business of the built environment and its economic influences, including physical, legal and technological considerations. With a degree in this field, you may wish to specialise in areas such as commercial management, sustainable property development, or property taxation. Experience gained from your Masters would also provide excellent preparation for further research at PhD level. Furthermore, given the increasing demand for sustainable construction practices, there is a growing need for professionals with expertise in this area. A Masters in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management provides students with the knowledge and skills to address environmental concerns in the construction industry, as well as an understanding of the economic implications of sustainable development.

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