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We have 99 Masters Degrees in Computational Mathematics




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Masters Degrees in Computational Mathematics

We have 99 Masters Degrees in Computational Mathematics

Masters degrees in Computational Mathematics involve the application of advanced mathematical concepts to the computational processes which are in use across a range of industries. Related subjects include Computational Applied Mathematics and Computational Finance. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate Mathematics subject.

Why study a Masters in Computational Mathematics?

## Computational Mathematics is essential for the use of many machines, systems and practices. Courses in this field emphasise increasing your understanding of modelling and algorithms, numerical methods and symbolic computations (the creation of algorithms and software for manipulating mathematical expressions). You may wish to specialise your studies in a particular area of Computational Mathematics, such as computational optimisation and the development of networks and algorithms. These techniques may be applied to industries like robotics and aerospace. Alternatively, you might specialise in mathematical modelling for purposes such as financial forecasting across a range of industries, particularly banking and insurance. Operational research is also a key component of the day-to-day running of most large corporations. You may be employed to assess the operations of business activities on a national or global scale, with the goal of increasing profits and reducing risk.

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