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We have 97 Masters Degrees in Numerical Analysis




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Masters Degrees in Numerical Analysis

We have 97 Masters Degrees in Numerical Analysis

Masters degrees in Numerical Analysis involved advanced study of algorithms to obtain approximate numerical results to mathematical problems. Related postgraduate specialisms include Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Systems Analytics. Entry requirements typically include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate Mathematics discipline.

Why study a Masters in Numerical Analysis?

## Mathematical Analysis is applicable to a huge range of industries and professional practices; as such, your expertise in this field can open up a wide selection of career opportunities. For example, being able to compute the sides of a triangle and approximate square roots is essential for practices such as astronomy, carpentry, and construction. Other analytical methods – differential equations, numerical linear algebra, and stochastic differential equations, for example – are also important in celestial mechanics, data analysis and medicine. So, you might be employed to predict the motions of celestial objects to help with the development of satellites and spacecraft. Alternatively, you may work within the medical or pharmaceutical industries, modelling bodily responses to different substances. You could also work within government departments to collate data about military systems, or on behalf of environmental regulatory authorities to combat climate change.

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