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We have 59 Masters Degrees in Pure Mathematics




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Masters Degrees in Pure Mathematics

We have 59 Masters Degrees in Pure Mathematics

Masters degrees in Pure Mathematics involve advanced, abstract analysis of quantities, magnitudes, forms and their relationships, predominantly using symbolic logic. Related subjects include Mathematical Logic and Interdisciplinary Mathematics. Entry requirements usually include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate Mathematics discipline.

Why study a Masters in Pure Mathematics?

## Professionals within the field of Pure Mathematics typically draw their inspiration from natural and social phenomena to develop accurate models for describing the real world. As such, methodologies within this field are significant in many other fields (including Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Space Science, to name a few). Careers are therefore highly varied for graduates of this subject. For example, you may be employed within the manufacturing industries to develop prototypes of various products, particularly vehicles and other automotives. Alternatively, you may become involved within professional practices related to mining and deep sea investigations, such as defence systems and the design of technology such as submarines for environmental surveillance. Other careers may include consultation on celestial mechanics and the development of satellites and space travel. Or, you may even undertake assessment of economic practices on behalf of government departments and large corporations.

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