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We have 122 Masters Degrees in Scriptwriting


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Masters Degrees in Scriptwriting

We have 122 Masters Degrees in Scriptwriting

Masters degrees in Scriptwriting equip postgraduates with the skills to critically analyse, engage with and write scripts for use in film, TV, radio, theatre and so on. Taught MA and practise-based MFA courses are typical for the field. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Film, Media Studies or Literature.

Why study a Masters in Scriptwriting?

## On this Masters, you will connect theory with practice, through a combination of analytical techniques and vocational writing activities. Most courses offer you the opportunity to create a portfolio of work, which can be utilised as a stepping-stone to your future career. Opportunities exist to specialise in a variety of forms, from short scripts and adaptations, to writing for the theatre or creating feature-length scripts. Consideration is also given to the cultural and historical significance of scriptwriting. You will examine its origins as well as contemporary practices in the industry. Careers in this field are highly varied. You might for example opt to work as part of a production team for independent or corporate organisations. Transmedia franchises such as Marvel and DC are particularly growing in popularity. Alternatively, you may choose to work independently, providing scriptwriting services to numerous organisations.

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