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We have 193 Masters Degrees in Theology & Religious Studies


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Masters Degrees in Theology & Religious Studies

We have 193 Masters Degrees in Theology & Religious Studies

Masters degrees in Theology & Religious Studies study the diverse religions and other belief systems practised by human societies: exploring the philosophical foundations of religion and the wider social and cultural significance of belief. This discipline includes a wide range of courses with a shared focus on theological theory and religious practice. Some are designed for applicants who wish to undertake theological training. Others provide an opportunity to reflect on religious issues in other roles, such as politics, education or social policy. Programmes may be taught or research based. Most award MA or MRes degrees, but some lead to specialist qualifications such as the Master of Theology (MTh) or Bachelor of Divinity (BD).

Why study a Masters in Theology & Religious Studies?

## Some students use postgraduate study in Theology as part of a pathway towards work with a religious organisation, but these courses have a wide range of other applications. The role of religious belief has shifted dramatically within modern societies and this has increased the importance of Theology & Religious Studies. As religious and secular groups interact in different ways, an understanding of their interests becomes increasingly important to politicians, policy makers and educators. These programmes also develop a broad portfolio of useful skills. A Masters in Theology & Religious Studies will make you a capable critical thinker, able to appraise complex ideas whilst retaining a sensitivity to the circumstances that inform them and the people that hold them.

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