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We have 50 Masters Degrees in Christian Studies


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Masters Degrees in Christian Studies

We have 50 Masters Degrees in Christian Studies

Masters degrees in Christian Studies explore the theory and practice of Christianity, encompassing its various denominations (Roman Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox, for example). You may also explore the historical, socio-cultural and anthropological dimensions of Christianity, perhaps taking a comparative approach to its study. Closely related postgraduate specialisms include Christian Theology, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies and Ministry Studies. Depending on the programme, you might earn a Master of Arts (MA), a Master of Research (MRes) or a Master of Theology (MTh).

Why study a Masters in Christian Studies?

## A Masters in Christian Studies allows you to examine Christianity from many different angles. Whether your enthusiasm lies in the historical development of Christianity, its philosophical foundations or comparing its countless denominations, one of these programmes could be the perfect match for your research interests. You’ll develop a range of transferrable skills, including critical analysis, cultural sensitivity and independent research abilities, and these may lead to several career possibilities. The most obvious route is probably work within the Christian Ministry, perhaps as a chaplain or in pastoral care. However, you may also be an ideal candidate to work in a non-governmental organisation (NGO), local and central government, charity and education, as well as carrying on your studies for a PhD.

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