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We have 198 Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering




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Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering

We have 198 Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering

Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering train students to solve the challenges involved in designing, implementing and maintaining vital infrastructure, from everyday tunnels, bridges and railways to flood barriers and earthquake protection systems. Programmes may be either taught or research based, with both full Masters Degrees and Postgraduate Certificates or Diplomas available. Some courses award specialised degrees such as the MEng in Civil Engineering, whilst others lead to MSc, MRes or MPhil qualifications.

Why study a Masters in Civil Engineering?

## Civil Engineering has a reputation as one of the less glamorous areas of the Engineering discipline, but there's more to it than you might assume. Planning motorways and tunnels may not seem as exciting as designing new aircraft or high-tech materials, but these kinds of project are just as important - if not more so. There's also immense satisfaction (and financial reward) to be had in successfully completing projects that will benefit thousands of people on a daily basis. Nor will your work be restricted to motorway bypasses or railway extensions. Civil Engineers are also involved in planning and completing ambitious new projects such as underwater tunnels or suspension bridges: overcoming huge challenges to create the landmark infrastructure of the future.

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