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Masters Degrees in Nursery Education

We have 61 Masters Degrees in Nursery Education




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We have 61 Masters Degrees in Nursery Education

Masters degrees in Nursery Education equip postgraduates with the skills to engage with and reflect upon strategies for improving early years education within nurseries and schools.

Courses rage from taught MA, MEd (Master of Education), to research-oriented MRes and MPhil programmes. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Education Studies or Child Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Nursery Education?

As a fundamental beginning to most children’s learning, high quality practice in early years education is an essential foundation for lifelong learning and development. These courses will train you to improve current practice and develop new strategies for Nursery Education.

To achieve this, you will explore policy frameworks, curriculum standards and pedagogical approaches in early years education on a national and international scale. Opportunities exist for you to research and develop specialist areas of expertise within this field, from child behaviour and cognition, to family assistance, social justice and community development.

As well as managerial roles within Nursery centres and affiliated corporations, careers may include childcare management in other organisations such as children’s homes, or professional assistance for foster families.

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