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Masters Degrees in Dynamics

We have 57 Masters Degrees in Dynamics

Masters degrees in Dynamics offer advanced study of the forces which produce or effect the motion of mechanical bodies such as machines and vehicles. Taught MSc degrees are typical for the field, though research oriented MREs and MPhil programmes may be available at some institutions. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate engineering subject.

Why study a Masters in Dynamics?

## From machines used in manufacturing, to the vehicles we drive, Dynamics play an important role in the sustainability of the everyday objects we use. By understanding the forces which impact them, machines can be made safer and more efficient. It is to this end that you will design, prototype and test a range of control systems for complex dynamical systems. This includes exploring technologies for high performance, applying algorithms to analyse fluid-structure problems, and using mathematical methods to understand forces such as air flow. Expertise in this field may be applied to a range of industries, from aviation and automotive design, to medicine and the environment. For example, you may work within crash testing and simulation centres, for a manufacturer of medical machinery, or as a Dynamics consultant for a range of businesses.

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