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We have 147 Masters Degrees in Physiotherapy




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Masters Degrees in Physiotherapy

We have 147 Masters Degrees in Physiotherapy

Masters degrees in Physiotherapy equip postgraduates with the skills to plan and execute courses of treatment to remedy physical dysfunction, relieve pain and prevent further disability. Related postgraduate specialisms include Manipulative Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy. Entry requirements typically include a relevant undergraduate degree such as Sports Science, Biology or Medicine.

Why study a Masters in Physiotherapy?

## You can apply Physical Therapy in a range of contexts to treat and improve various conditions. These can include reducing joint and muscular pain or dysfunction, as well as treating many respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. Physiotherapists are often employed in a medical or therapeutic capacity, sometimes offering support and advice to patients who are receiving other forms of medical treatment. For example, you may be employed within a clinical setting, treating and advising patients within hospitals and specialist healthcare centres. You might want to specialise in treating a particular kind of patient, for example helping those with prosthetics, treating the elderly, or perhaps focussing on a certain health condition. You could also find work in a sporting context, either within a gym as part of a personal training team, or on an individual basis, offering your services privately. Similarly, this might include sports coaching and rehabilitation.

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