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We have 30 Masters Degrees in Meteorology


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Masters Degrees in Meteorology

We have 30 Masters Degrees in Meteorology

Masters degrees in Meteorology equip postgraduates with the skills to monitor and model airflow and dispersion, such as weather systems. It includes study of the formation and dispersion of air pollutants. Taught MSc degrees and shorter, Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas are typical for the field. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Geography.

Why study a Masters in Meteorology?

## Courses in this field train you to collect, manage, and apply atmospheric data to a range of needs in the public and private sectors. Techniques include the production of spatial scales, analytics and computerised methods to describe and predict weather on local, regional, and global levels. You may analyse a range of atmospheric processes, including observable weather events and pollutant control. For example, you may research atmospheric composition, such as how atomic weight of various gasses effects heat transfer in different weather systems. Alternatively, you might research visual atmospheric phenomena, such as the formation of sun dogs (halos of light that mimic the sun), twilight or even the Aurora. Careers may include urban and rural planning, roles in the military, or work across sectors such as energy production, transport, agriculture, and construction.

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