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We have 22 Masters Degrees in Fluid Mechanics




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Masters Degrees in Fluid Mechanics

We have 22 Masters Degrees in Fluid Mechanics

Masters degrees in Fluid Mechanics offer advanced study of the mechanical and flow properties of various fluids including liquids and gasses. Taught MSc degrees are typical for the field, though research-based MRes and MPhil programmes may be available at some institutions. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant Engineering subject.

Why study a Masters in Fluid Mechanics?

## Also known as ‘Hydraulics’, ‘Fluid Dynamics’ or ‘Hydrodynamics’, Masters in Fluid Mechanics train you in the techniques involved with the analysis, design and development of fluid mechanisms and systems. These systems are used in a variety of contexts, from the engines of locomotives and aerospace craft, to offshore platforms and subsea infrastructures. Courses in this field usually employ an interdisciplinary approach, combining methods from areas such as computational fluid dynamics, fluid statics and fluid thermodynamics. Typically, you will examine fluids from a microscopic perspective, with techniques such as particle image velocimetry – an experimental method for visualising fluid flow – being a key component. Expertise in this field may be applied to a range of industries including aviation, space, automotive, medicine and the environment. Your Masters would also provide excellent experience for a PhD.

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