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We have 1,723 Masters Degrees in Politics & Government


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Masters Degrees in Politics & Government

We have 1,723 Masters Degrees in Politics & Government

Masters degrees in Politics & Government investigate the principles and practices behind different forms of government and their effect on issues ranging from economic development to social justice and international relations. Studying one of these wide-ranging programmes will develop your understanding of the assumptions and value systems underpinning political strategies and decision-making along with the theories developed to tackle social and political problems by states and societies across history. You’ll also address some of the most important challenges facing twenty-first decision makers: from the achievement of international economic equality to the difficult question of intervention in global conflicts and crises. Courses are delivered through a series of taught modules on specialist topics, or structured around longer independent research projects. Most will accept a relevant undergraduate degree in Politics or other relevant Humanities and Social Science subjects.

Why study a Masters in Politics & Government?

## A Masters in Politics won't automatically open the door to a high-flying political career, but knowing something about the principles underpinning modern political challenges and decisions certainly won't hurt if you do plan to run for elected office. If world leadership isn't in your plans, don't worry. Politics & Government is a versatile subject, with connections to diverse careers in law, civil service and diplomacy. Any position or profession that requires an ability to understand and satisfy the needs and motivations of different groups of people will benefit from the experience and expertise you'll acquire on your degree. You'll also develop a portfolio of skills that can be adapted to all sorts of employment contexts. Graduates in this discipline are good communicators, independent researchers and critical thinkers with the ability to sensitively and effectively understand and respond to human challenges. Furthermore, a Masters in Politics & Government can help you to develop your critical thinking skills, enabling you to identify and challenge assumptions and biases in the political decision-making process. This will allow you to contribute to the development of more effective and equitable policies and to help shape the future of society as a whole. Overall, a Masters in Politics & Government is an excellent choice for students who are interested in developing a deep understanding of the complex issues facing modern society and who are passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

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